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The Build Alternative will construct three new soundwalls at the following locations:

  • Eastbound I-215 from just west of Gibson Road to the system interchange. This soundwall will be approximately 11.5 feet high for 1,492 feet and 13.5 feet high for 2,057 feet, for a total distance of 4,549 feet (0.86 miles).

  • Southbound I-11 from UPRR crossing to Horizon Drive off-ramp. This soundwall will be approximately 6,240 feet (1.18 miles) in length and 11.5 feet in height.

  • Northbound I-11 from Horizon Drive on-ramp to UPRR crossing. This soundwall will be approximately 6,324 feet (1.19 miles) in length and 15.5 feet in height.


Seven existing soundwalls will remain:

  • Westbound I-215 from Gibson Road to Stephanie Street, Stephanie Street to Arroyo Grande Blvd, and Arroyo Grande Blvd to Valle Verde Drive

  • Northbound I-11 Eastbound I-215 from Valle Verde Drive to Arroyo Grande Blvd and Stephanie Street to Gibson Road at Horizon Drive off-ramp

  • Northbound I-515 at Galleria Drive off-ramp

Click on the left or right arrows on the image below to see the soundwall locations.

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